Copenhagen works

That is pretty much it in a nutshell. I’ve been here for two weeks or so now and have not yet met someone or found something that doesn’t really work.

The trains run on time, the weather is pretty good (though I hear it’s been unseasonably good of late), the bike lanes are safe and friendly, the cars give way to the cyclists and the pedestrian crossings even have countdown timers so you know how long to wait until the next green man. Oh, and there is pretty much 1.75 kids for every couple around or so it would seem by the amount of strollers on the street.

I haven’t yet found something which doesn’t work which kind of irks me actually. Did I mention the city feels safe too? You can pretty much wander around with the kind of nonchalant outlook you would expect in a remote country town, only you’re in a European urban center.

Not sure what it is. Maybe it’s just the Scandinavian effect?

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