With ongoing speculation over a possible market float, everyone is currently left wondering: how much is too much or is too much still not enough.

$50bn = 500m x $100 = $0.50 CPC x 100bn = $50 CPM x 1tn?

At 500 million users and counting, would a $100 contribution per member be a valid count towards a valuation estimate? Should it be based on advertising revenue, and from there, by trend growth or historical earnings? What about an FB sales stream: how much could closed gates e-commerce or affiliated marketing sales generate?

Facebook News > Middle-East Streets > TV News?

Facebook’s market cap speculation isn’t really breaking headline news. Still, when 48% of young Americans are following the news first on FB, when North African youths are creating their own news by organising on FB, well, it does make you wonder…

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