Unfortunately, much to my surprise, this site’s online advertising partner closed its services on me for reasons still slightly unclear. This leaves the website bereft of much love, oh wait, I meant money, which is unfortunate really.

It is not that this website is only driven by the good ol’money, but still, there is a point of principle here. No one works productively for free and this blog is not about to make an exception either.

Past Performance…

It really is a shame, actually, as the site’s been a good outlet for some personal research, which, to date, has proven reasonably accurate.

Listed below are a few of the past hits, so far no misses, that were listed on this site. Performance figures were calculated from the published date up until this article’s release date (30/03/11) with the exception of Implied Volatility Squared due to its focus on expiring options. All figures exclude any potential available leverage:

Okay, so this hindsight run is always nice to do from time-to-time. However, its the foresight that matters and again, it goes back to principle, without revenue this blog will have to stay calm and quiet for a while.

So What’s One’s Word Worth These Days?

Now, on more commercial matters, if anybody out there is interested in taking added market exposure, I am more than happy to oblige. Standard CPM/CPC commercial arrangements are available including third-party management through Google DoubleClick’s DFP platform. Please contact me at any time for further information.

If only I received a few dollars for every word I published since August of last year…

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