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Financial institutions are often criticized for being too opaque or pushing too strongly for self-regulation as opposed to external intervention. But perhaps this concern is based on the reality of finance, of its embedded nature in our lives and in its purpose of being a reliable intermediary in our economic lives. Perhaps what happens in finance is in itself financial and therefore, in and from itself, best left to finance?

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Resurrecting Actions

So this blog has been pretty quiet for the past few years. Thought that Actions would impact more than words and realised that, indeed, they do. That being said, words are good too, and given the slight lull in my personal professional activity, it might be good to re-act on a different stage, perhaps on this blog and its medium of prose.

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Hallways and Paths

So to begin with, perhaps a bit of content? Hallways and path, a new initiative seeking to find the most exciting entry point into any place or direction. A beginning, a start, an opening, call it what you will. We all have to start somewhere.

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